Rainbow Class 6 English Lesson – 1 LEARNING TOGETHER SOLUTIONS

                                       Lesson – 1


                                EXERCISE (अभ्यास)

Comprehension Questions –

1-  :Answer the following questions

A-  Ques – How do you make your teachers beam?
Ans. By listening to the teachers attentively, and doing our homework timely, we make
our teachers beam.

B- Ques – What new things do you learn everyday ?
Ans. From every subject we learn new things everyday. Even in activities like music
dance and sports, we learn new techniques, methods and ways.

C- Ques – Name the subjects you study in your class.
Ans. We study history. geography, civics science, english, hindi, and mathematics.

D- Ques- How do you enjoy with your friends in school?
Ans. We study together, play together in the games period and share our tiffins in the
break in a free period, we talk at length on the topics of our interest .

2 – Match column ‘A’ with column ‘B’ to complete the lines of the poem:

          “A”                                         “B”                                        
See the big smile                  Each busy day
We work hard –                   Poems to say   
Nine times nine                    On my face
Books to read                       Spelling too
Reading, writing                  Is eighty One

        “A”                                  “B”
See the big smile               on my face                          
We work hard                  each busy day                        
Nine times nine                 is eighty-one                           
Books to read                    poems to say                    
Reading, writing               spelling too

Word Power –

Make a list of rhyming words from the poem. One has been done for you.

place – face
Team – beam
Day –   Play 
Fun –   One
Ten –    Again
Song –  Long
Day –    Every Day
Too –     Do
Too –    Blue
Ends –  Friends
Made – Grade

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