Rainbow Class 6 English LESSON 12 SAFETY SAVES

                        LESSON 12
                   SAFETY SAVES

Kunal was a careless boy. He often did things carelessly. His parents always scolded him for his

carelessness. One fine morning, he was very disturbed, as he could not find his pen. He needed the pen to write his English test. He searched for it everywhere but could not find it. As Kunal was getting late for his school, he hurried down the road to catch the bus to school. He saw a large red coloured bus leaving the bus stop. He ran after it and jumped onto the bus.
                              (An old man who was sitting in the bus says)

Old man: Don’t you know, trying to catch a running bus is a dangerous thing to do?

Kunal : I am in a hurry, I have a test today. I don’t want to miss my test.

Old man: It’s better to miss a test than to miss the rest of your life.

Kunal : Sorry sir. I’ll keep it in mind and follow it.

       The bus was crowded. Kunal looked for his friends but no one was there. He found that he was on the wrong bus. His face turned pale. He jumped off the moving bus. He landed with a bump on the road. A scooter was coming from behind. It Mopped just a few inches away from him. The woman on the scooter shouted at him.

Woman : Do you want to hurt yourself ?

Kunal : No, ma’am. I am sorry I am getting late for school.

Woman: Does this mean you will jump off the bus? Don’t you know jumping off a moving bus is dangerous?

       Kunal started crying loudly. He was badly injured. He told her the who incident. She listened carefully.

Woman:  Remember, it is always better to be ‘safe than ‘sorry”.

Kunal : What should I do ma’am? Will you please take me to the doctor ?

Woman: Sure! I can’t leave you alone in such a situation.

Kunal : Thank you very much ma’am. 

On the way she recited him a poem- 

Never play on the road,
Never run across.
Never walk in groups,
Never break the traffic rules.

Never jump from a bus,
Never catch a running bus,
Never put your head or hands out,
Never yell, scream or shout.
Doing this you’ll always be safe and sound,
Both you and everyone around.
Kunal had learnt a lesson. He vowed never to be careless.

                                     Better late than never

Lesson Completed

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