Rainbow Class 6 English LESSON -8 GULLIVER IN LILLIPUT

                      LESSON -8

Once there was a sailor named Gulliver. He went on a long voyage with his fellow seamen. One day there was a fierce storm at sea.

His ship sank but Gulliver swam to the nearby island. It was called Lilliput. When he reached there he was very tired. He soon fell asleep.While he was sleeping, hundreds of very tiny people came there, and tied him with ropes. When he woke up he was surprised to see such tiny people.

He soon became friendly with them.

     They untied the ropes and gave him food. Their loaves of bread were so tiny that he ate ten loaves at a time. For lunch he ate a thousand loaves of bread, a hundred cauliflower and a hundred sheep.

     The tiny people took him to their king and queen. The king’s hand was so tiny that Gulliver had to use only one finger to shake hands. Everything was so small that he was like a giant among the tiny people of Lilliput. These tiny people were very kind and helpful. They made a boat for him. It was time for Gulliver to leave for home He was sad to leave his friends.

He got into the boat and sailed off as the tiny people waved him

Good Bye’!

Lesson Completed

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