LESSON 2
                            SHARING AND CARING

There were two friends in a forest a mango tree and a banyan tree. They talked to each other and enjoyed all day long.

 Every night lions and tigers used to sleep under them. The mango tree used to hate animals “I will drive them away they roar loudly, and smell bad,” he said. The banyan tree said, “Don’t be so rude. We trees and
animals need each other. We must live in harmony and help each other.”

The mango tree was rigid. He was not ready to listen to him. That night when the animals were sleeping under the tree, the mango tree shook its branches and made
loud noises. The animals thought it was a demon and ran away. The mango tree laughed and felt happy.

The next evening two woodcutters came to the forest. They had axes in their hands. They saw the big mango tree and became very happy. One of the woodcutters said,
“Friend, look what a big tree it is!” The other said, “Yes, and there is no one here, neither man nor wild animals. So, let’s
cut the tree down.”

They began to cut the tree. The mango tree cried out in pain. Seeing the condition of his friend the banyan tree cried out for help. “Help! Help!” His voice was heard by the wild animals. They rushed towards the banyan tree. When the woodcutters
saw the wild animals, they ran as fast as they could leaving their axes behind.
     Tears rolled down from the eyes of the mango tree. He said, “You were right my dear friend. We need each other to be happy and safe.”

The wild animals moved near the mango tree and said, “It’s only through caring and sharing, friendship is born.”

“I told you, we need animals and they need us. If we do not help each other, we may fall in trouble,” said the banyan tree.

Don’t cut trees !
Save trees !
Plant trees !

  Lesson Completed

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